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The marathon has roots in ancient history, tracing its history in the battles of ancient Greece. Hence, one of the oldest sporting events with a rich history and heritage, that marathoners take pride in.

What is a Marathon?

The official length of long distances foot races, called marathons, is 42.195 km. The history of marathons and distance dates back to ancient Greece. According to the marathon legend, after the Greek won the Persian battle, known as the Marathon Battle, a runner named Pheidippides was sent to spread the news in Athens. It is believed that the Pheidippides arrived in Athens, reported the news and soon died from exhaustion soon after.

The distance from the battlefield to Athens was about 40 kilometers, which eventually became the official distance for marathons of today. A number of authors have included the story of the Pheidippides in several songs and poems, such as the works of Robert Browning. Browning’s poem is the inspiration of Michal Breal, who is the brain behind the organization of the 1896 Olympic Games. These games included a marathon.


In today’s marathons, a racing competition is organized to achieve the required distance, which was established in 1908 at the London Olympics. According to the race, the participants either start everything at once in a massive start, separated by abilities and gender, or sent out in waves.

Marathon courses usually stay open for a certain period of time, usually around four hours. Runners who do not complete the course are picked up and transported to the finish line. For marathons that consist of a large group of inexperienced runners, the course usually remains open for a longer time so they are able to finish.

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