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In order to successfully survive in a lot of natural or man-made disasters, an individual must be well prepared in advance and should act with presence of mind. In the event of power loss or structural loss, the preparation can include the development of alternatives to keep warm and cook food. Learn to light a fire simply, often life-saving skills. Although it may seem as easy as putting a match or a lighter to illuminate the object, sometimes there are not an single option available, but here are 4 ways to make fire when matches or lighters are not available.

Here we look at four ways to make a fire without matches or a lighter. There may be many other tips and tricks that can work, but these tips are guaranteed to create a fire without much effort.

1. With the help of a magnifying glass

A magnifying glass can be used to focus and concentrate the sun’s heat to the point. With a strong lens, you can start a fire as soon as possible.

2. Use steel wool and batteries


Battery terminals may rub steel wool vigorously to create sparks. Yield fine wool is better due to friction, and thus produce more sparks. Since steel wool catches spark can blow on it to start a small fire.

3. The use of steel and flint stones

This is one of the oldest known methods to produce fire without matches. Flint stones can be rubbed together to create a spark. However, when using steel to create friction on a flint stone set is much simpler. This can be used to create a spark, and the fire can be started using a flammable fabric to catch this candle.

While matches and lighters to be an easy way to start a fire show that there are several other methods known to man that can help start a fire. Man has always used his intelligence to tame nature and the fact that the fire can be started at will proves it.

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