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The meeting is the most fundamental form or unit of interaction between humans. Since humans interact with other humans, meetings can not be avoided. Therefore, the meeting became a part of our life. At each meeting there is an agenda, justification of the meeting, which is related to the proposed topics for the discussion of the meeting. Each meeting is attended by several participants, chaired by the chairman. The date and time of the meeting are collectively known as meeting schedules.

Business Conference

Business meeting is a more serious meeting. The business conference defines business strategies, sets goals, describes the areas of activity for growth and expansion of business. Such a meeting, unlike a birthday party, does not always have to end with a positive note. Business conference can end with disagreements and discord. The conference may also decide to fire some people in the company’s interests.


War is also a meeting. The order of the war is mainly to fight and defeat the enemy, apart from grabbing whatever spoils there are to be seized. War is a meeting that leads to killing and death.


The summit is a meeting between different nations. At the summit, different countries meet to discuss how they can protect the environment, how they can support climate change, how they can limit emissions. The minutes of the meetings should also be recorded in detail so that politicians, the media and the public understand whether the meeting is fruitful or ends in a stalemate (like most summits do) or reading the minutes of the meeting.


Nuclear programs and people’s policies can also be discussed at high-level meetings, where the agenda of the meeting is nuclear disarmament, first-line policy and distribution, etc. The summits can also be economic summits. At economic summits, the agenda of the meetings includes economic and trade policies, the issue of subsidies, trade reforms and trade standards of peoples, and also whether these norms and policies are consistent with the policies of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Political Meeting

The meeting can also be a political meeting. The main goal of each political meeting is to provide more supporters of the party that convened the meeting. Charismatic political leaders can influence the masses through the pure power of their words. As a result, political assemblies force many people to reject their own parties, switch to loyalty, intervene and fail in the back camp, the party holding the meeting.

The main tasks of the political assembly are to popularize the party that holds the meeting as the best political party in the country and as a party that will bring maximum benefits to the population if it is elected and will create as many of the most remote in rival parties as possible and present them to the party that holds a meeting. The main whips and big wigs of political parties can be very clever presenters or chairpersons. With their strength and charm, they can hold sway over thousands at a caucus. The agenda of the political meeting is formed by the political party in order to gather as much popularity and support among the voters as possible so that the party can stumble against opponents in the elections.

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