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If you saw a UFO and reported it to the police, you can expect many things: ridicule, questions about your alcohol consumption, weird looks, and maybe a call from a local newspaper looking for easy news for the next days edition. But even worse than previous events, you may be met receive a visit from the dreaded men.

The Men In Black have long been associated with UFO lore, sighting, and phenomena. It is reported that they appear in the homes of some UFO witnesses shortly after they reported their sighting to the police or the media, threatening to keep silent. Any materials found related to UFO sighting are promptly confiscated. In some cases, they even knocked on the witnesses’ doors before telling anyone what they saw, apparently knowing everything that had happened before the witnesses had the opportunity to deal with all this in their heads. The men in black deliver their message in a variety of ways, from direct threats to devious hints, but their message always carries the same dark shade: “Keep your mouth shut, or you will regret it…”.


The Men In Black are so named because of their sartorial color of choice – black. Black suits, black hats, and black cars are vintage Buicks, Cadillacs, or Lincolns models. They were described as having a complexion from olive to gray to dark, with slightly slanting eyes, speaking on the computer as monotonous. Their age is difficult to determine since they all seem to be on the verge of middle age. They move like a robot, and perhaps they are best described in one word, “strange.”

Despite their many appearances and incredible intimidation powers, finding convincing evidence for the existence of Men in Black is as much a slippery task as obtaining evidence for the existence of the very UFOs they seek to protect.


The Men In Black definitely do not belong to this world. Examples of this can be found in reports that the MIBs are spreading coins in their hands and inexplicably trying to sing to birds in the trees. In one case, the IIB sat on a chair, which caused his trouser leg to rise up. There, apparently, a large green wire was grafted on his leg. In other cases, MIBs cross dirty fields but arrive without a single spot of mud on them.

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