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Christmas is both a religious holiday and an increasingly secular holiday, which depends heavily on local culture. As a result, Christmas traditions are as diverse as the cultural world.

For example, in the United States, Christmas traditions literally are fellow potpourri to Christmas traditions, which are brought by immigrants, mostly Europeans. For example, Yule log (English), Christmas tree (German), carols or noels (France), Santa Claus (Dutch). In more recent times, newer Christmas traditions arrived with the latest immigrants, such as luminaries (Mexico) and “Feliz Navidad!”. Greetings (Latin America in general).

The next is a whirlwind tour of some of the fun and most diverse Christmas traditions around the world.


Christmas traditions in Africa are culturally rich and diverse. In Ghana, Christmas Eve is celebrated by children walking in the streets, singing Christmas songs and shouting: “Christ is coming, Christ is coming! He is near!” Church services are held on the eve of Christmas and Christmas Day. Following Church services, family and close friends celebrate a meal of fufu, a past made of rice and yams, with stew or okra soup, porridge and meats.



Although nations and cultures in Asia are far from Christianity and their Christmas traditions, local Asian Christians unambiguously unite their Christian faith with local culture. For example, Christmas in China (the Holy Birth Festival) has many traditional Christmas symbols. Chinese Christian families decorate Christmas trees, or Trees of Light, with red paper chains (red is the color of happiness in Chinese cultures), lanterns and flowers.


An American would find him or herself quite at home on Christmas holidays throughout Europe, as many America’s Christmas traditions come from Europe. Of course, many Christmas traditions in England were adopted in America – mistletoe, Yule logs, Christmas hymns (“Hark! The Herald Angel Sings”, “Deck the Halls” ), carolers, Christmas stories (Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol”), roasted chestnuts, wassail, hanging stockings by the chimney.

Latin America

La Navidad (Christmas) is a bright, exciting holiday in all of Latin America. Although celebrations vary greatly, religious significance continues to be the focus for celebration. Mexico is a typical example of a focus on the original Christmas story. In Mexico, Las Posadas, the nine-day resumption of the reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem begins on December 16. On Christmas Eve (Buena Noche) the children go to the local church and place Mary and Joseph in the nacimiento (crèche or manger). Mass is held at midnight followed by church bells and fireworks.

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