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A microphone is a device that converts mechanical energy waves or sound waves into electric energy. Speaking into the microphone excites (moves) of the diaphragm, which is connected to a device that produces an electrical current proportional to the sound waves.

Microphones are a part of everyday life. They are used in phones, transmitters for radio and television broadcasting, amateur radio, baby monitors, recorders, films and warning systems. There are many different types of microphones in the design depending on application. Audio recording, radio and television and film studios use ribbon or condenser type microphones due to their high-quality sound reproduction. Communication systems, telephones and two-way radio communication systems may use carbon, ceramic or dynamic microphones because of its flexibility and low cost.


Depending on the type of microphone raw materials may vary. Permanent magnets are usually made of neodymium iron boron compound. Voice coil and cable made of copper wire. Plastic is used for cable insulation. The case is made of aluminum sheet and sometimes plastic.

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