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In the 1970s, people used typewriters to create documents. Later then microcomputer’s existed, but nowhere did you see them at work. In fact, very few people have heard about them. Nevertheless, the two talented men, Bill Gates and Paul Allen set to change all that.

At the beginning of 1975, Gates and Allen came together and formed a small company called Microsoft. Soon after, in 1980, IBM contacted Allen and Gates, to create a new operating system that will run the computer hardware and software to offer an application layer. Later, the operating system was called MS-DOS. However, MS-DOS, is effective, it is difficult for some users to use because of the long and sometimes baffling his team.

Later, in 1985, Microsoft released Windows 1.0, which provides a graphical user interface (GUI), rather than the original DOS commands of its predecessor. Then Windows 2.0 came on the market. Update uses the latest Intel 386 processor and its ability to manage memory. Then Microsoft will go on their own to run Windows 3.0, which introduces new features such as File Manager and Print Manager. It was also much faster and will continue to sell all of its original version.


Windows XP was a usability on Microsoft’s management. Menu become much more intuitive and comes with a sync navigation. It offered the network adviser to help with your home network. In addition, significantly improved its programs for the media. Windows XP comes in several different forms: Home Edition, Professional, 64-bit edition (the first 64-bit systems by Microsoft), Media Center Edition, and XP Tablet PC Edition.

By the time, Windows 7 makes it debuts wireless world on the rise. Laptops are far sold as traditional desktops. With the reality of mobile PCs, Windows 7 adds the ability to configure multiple networks at home, at work, or public hotspots that allow users to manage security settings on the basis of the network are connected.

There is Windows 8 OS which was released in August 1, 2012.

Now the latest version of Microsoft Windows is Windows 10 which launched globally on 29 July 2015, but there is no Windows 9 OS.

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