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A military force, also known as a collective force, is a well-armed, highly organized force primarily intended to wage war. It is usually officially authorized and supported by a sovereign state, and its members can be identified by their various military uniforms. It can consist of one or more branches of the armed forces, such as the army, navy, air force, space force, marines, or coast guard. The main task of the military is usually defined as protecting the state and its interests from external military threats.

Broadly, the terms “armed forces” and “military” are often interpreted interchangeably, although, in technical usage a distinction is sometimes made that a country’s armed forces may include both its military and other paramilitaries. There are various forms of irregular armed forces that do not belong to a recognized state; although they share many similarities with regular armed forces, they are rarely referred to simply as “military”.

A national army can function as a discrete social subculture with dedicated infrastructure such as military housing, schools, utilities, logistics, hospitals, legal services, food production, finance, and banking. In addition to military action, the military can be used to perform additional authorized and unauthorized functions within the state, including threats to internal security, population control, the promotion of a political agenda, emergency services and reconstruction, protection of corporate economic interests, social ceremonies and national honor guards.


The profession of a soldier in the army is older than written history itself. Some of the most enduring images of classical antiquity depict the power and feat of its warlords. The Battle of Kadesh in 1274 BC was one of the defining moments of the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II, and his monuments immortalize it in bas-relief. A thousand years later, the first emperor of a unified China, Qin Shi Huang, was so determined to impress the gods with his military might that he buried himself with an army of terracotta soldiers. The Romans paid great attention to military issues, leaving to their descendant’s many treatizes and writings on this topic, as well as many richly carved triumphal arches and columns for victory.

The first recorded use of the word “military” in English, written with the word military, was in 1582. It comes from the Latin militaris (from the Latin miles, meaning soldier) in French, but it has an indefinite etymology, from which one assumption follows, * mil-it- – go-to body or mass.

As a noun, the military usually refers to the armed forces of a country, or sometimes, in particular, the senior officers who command them. It usually refers to the physics of the armed forces, their personnel, equipment, and the physical territory they occupy.

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