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The mind is as powerful as you let it allow to function!

The mind is like a horse, so if you learn how to put a bridle on an aimless run, it will be your best faculty, or it can lead you to your doom. Or you can be a slave to your mind or master of it. Your way of life will largely depend on the strength and power of your mind.

If you see the history of Nuclear Fission, you will see that this was first discovered in the 1930s, and it took only 15 years to annihilate other men who use it. Before exploring the potential of nuclear energy for peaceful activities, such as clean energy, we were clearly fascinated by its destructive potential. In our opinion, the discovery of nuclear energy/force shows the strength of the human mind, and the discovery and proliferation of nuclear weapons show the impotence of our minds.


As soon as brain and body conquer to the private consciousness, evolution accelerates to reach the level of where we are now, and we still have a long way to go to the fact that the limitations of space and time cease to exist, and our private share of the existing consciousness “Merges with the source” and pours out all the “data” of knowledge that the private consciousness acquires through its short life on Earth for the evolutionary purposes of the mother’s consciousness.

Therefore, our minds extract data into the essence of each existing consciousness, which leads to an endless process of evolution of this cause and the source of everything that was, will and will continue to further and forever.

Our small bodies were created by subtle minds, which are part of the individual consciousness, which is the fragment of the mother of the whole consciousness. Creation and evolution have merged together to form what we are now.

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