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Mirrors have many positive traits, as they reflect light, they are very useful when it comes to decorating your home. Reflective mirrors are able to transform the value of the overall look of the room which gives you a whole new look. While mirrors come in many shapes and sizes from the traditional rectangular shape with an abstract heart shape, round mirrors have become extremely popular in recent months, and is definitely here to stay.

You will surely find a mirror that will easily blend in your home, however, this guide will show you how effectively round mirror can be in your home decor. One of the best uses of a round mirror is that it increases the overall feel of the room.

Ideally, you should look to place large round mirror on a key position in your room, whether it’s your sofa, a fireplace, a table or cabinet. Thus, the focus is not only on the most important functions in the room, but a reflection on the opposite wall gives the impression of more space.


Another fantastic use of mirrors to bring additional light in a dark lit room. The mirror can reflect light back, then project it around your living space. Round mirrors are an excellent choice because they create the illusion of a light source because of their round shape, it also add visual variety to your room.

Round mirrors can be used to effectively improve the current furnishings in the room. Adding a mirror to the front of the cabinet or may depicting dressing can instantly add light in the room and refreshment furnishings.

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