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The molecule is the smallest particle of a chemical element or compound which has chemical properties of the element or compound. The molecules are composed of atoms, and which are held together by chemical bonds. These connections are formed by the exchange or sharing of electrons in atoms.

Atoms of some elements can be easily connected with other atoms to form molecules. Examples of such devices are oxygen and chlorine. Atoms of some elements may not be easily connected to other atoms. Examples include neon and argon.


Some molecules, in particular some proteins contain hundreds or even thousands of atoms that are combined into a chain, which can achieve considerable lengths. Fluids containing such molecules, sometimes behave strangely. For example, the liquid can continue to flow from the flask poured part which even after the flask is returned to an upright position.

The molecules are always moving. In solids and liquids, they are densely packed together. In a solid, the movement of molecules can be compared to rapid fluctuations. In a liquid, the molecules can move freely between them, something slithering fashion.

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