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Butterflies are found in almost every corner of the world except Antarctica. However, when it comes to monarch butterflies, there is a lot to know. Monarch butterflies are among the most beautiful and colorful insects in our environment. Similar to moths, monarch butterflies are known to undergo their full life cycle. Their life cycle includes four different stages that serve essential purposes in their lives, and at each stage they tend to look different.

Did you know that most monarch butterflies in North America migrate? This is done to get rid of the extreme cold. However, this is not the same case with all monarch butterflies, and this migration process takes place during October. If the weather becomes extremely cold before its regular time, the monarch butterfly generally takes an early holiday. They are the only insects on Earth that migrate up to 2,000 miles and sometimes even more. Besides the cold, there is one more reason for this migration; the plants on which young insects feed do not grow during the extreme winter. To obtain sufficient quantities of the necessary plants, they fly north.

In terms of their migration pattern, monarch butterflies migrate to southern California or Mexico during the winter. It takes place from the eastern United States to Mexico and from the western Rocky Mountains to California.

The size of the eggs laid by female butterflies is tiny, and the eggs are attached to the underside of the leaves used for feeding. The caterpillar gradually emerges from the shell of the egg. This is the first phase of their life cycle, called a larva. At this stage in their life cycle, young butterflies go through food and growth. Once they start to grow, the larva loses its skin to surround its body. An exciting part of their life is that each year the monarch butterfly chooses the same tree to lay its eggs. This seems strange because each year the number of migrations is not the same.

The next step is called a pupa, where the caterpillar begins to form a cocoon. In the butterfly life cycle, small caterpillar takes the form of an adult form due to its tissues’ transformation. From this phase of the life cycle, they move on to the next stage called the adult stage. In the adult stage, insects will reproduce. Monarch butterflies gradually begin to have a five-inch wingspan and transform into a complete butterfly, concluding its fourth stage of the life cycle.

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