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Since ancient times, people have tried to improve their way of life, which includes their habitats, their homes.

Mosaic is one of the decorative arts used to create images from small pieces of different materials. It is used for indoor or outdoor locations. To create a pattern, an image, a medallion, a frame, we use tesserae, as these small pieces are called.

Most of these mosaic works have been lost, but there are wonderful pieces that have survived history. They are found all over the world: from Mesopotamia to Macedonia, from Italy to Greece. It has not lost its brightness and its luminosity until today. In this article, we don’t want to talk about the history of mosaics, but how to make one.

Mosaic remained above all a technique used to decorate sidewalks, floors, and walls.

Mosaic tiles can be classified into marble mosaics, glass mosaic tiles, and limestone mosaics. People also use broken glass, pottery, and seashells. Marble mosaics are used for floors, walls, or building coverings. Glass mosaic tiles are used for their decorative aspects, to bring color and artistic effects. Limestone mosaics have a grainy, rough texture and unique colors.

When making a mosaic for floors or walls, the first thing to do is to find the appropriate space. It doesn’t have to be huge, but it’s important to suit the ambient.


Second, you need to clean the place, so when you start placing it, the tiles should be at the same level. When you have all the materials and the design, you can start.

There are two ways to making mosaic.

1. The first one is a direct method which consists of fixing the tiles of a mosaic and then grouting. This is the ideal way because you place the tiles face up so that the colored parts become the surface. The downside is that you have to work directly on the surface (floor, wall).

There is a modern version. This means working directly on a fiberglass mesh. The mosaic can be made with the pattern visible on the surface and can be moved. In this way, it is suitable for big jobs, first of all, because, made in small pieces on fiberglass, it is easy to be shipped and reassembled. And secondly, you don’t have to work uncomfortably directly on the place where you decide to put the mosaic (wall, floor), but pleasant and comfortable in your studio.

2. The second method, the indirect method, is recommended to who is the most experienced. You must do this quickly, so as not to let the adhesive dry. This method is a bit difficult since the tiles must be laid face down on a sheet of paper. When the mosaic is ready, you can place it where you want, after putting the adhesive on the work surface. You can wash the paper after that.

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