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We work out to be more flexible and more trim in order to avoid osteoporosis and arthritis, for healthy hearts and minds, but for many the most satisfactory result of the exercise increases and builds muscles. In the human body, there are around 640 to 641 muscles. Some of them are large and prominent, while others are small and can even be buried under large muscles. We will consider the main muscle groups of the body, which are aimed at targeted for muscle building. As you will see, these muscle groups work together to move certain parts of the body in a certain way.

Chest Muscle

The muscles of the chest are consist of the pectoralis and pectoralis minor. Located in front of the rib cage, the pectoralis major is a large fan-shaped that passes through the chest. It arises from the sternum and then attaches to the humerus near the shoulder joint. The main function of the pectoralis major is to allow the shoulder to move in different planes across the body.

Arm Muscle

There are two specific muscles in the arm that are primarily being targeted by muscles builder, namely the biceps and triceps.


Biceps is a short-term for the muscle, known as the “biceps brachii”. The term biceps is Latin for “two headed”, referring to the fact that the muscles have two heads – a long and short head that originate from the scapula and are attached to the radius. Found in the front of arm at the elbow joint (elbow flexion). It also functions to move the arm from the palms down to the palm up.

Abdominal Muscles

The abdominal muscles are generally located in front and sides in the lower half of the torso’s. It originates from the area of the rib cage before attaching along the pelvic area. The abdominal actually consists of three muscles – the rectus of the abdomen, the transverse abdomen and the inner and external obliques.

Leg Muscles

Although the term “quadriceps” is Latin for “four headed”, unlike biceps and triceps on the arm, which literally have 2 and 3 heads respectively in a muscle, the quadriceps actually consists of 4 distinct muscles, namely rectus femoris, vastus intermedius, vastus medialis , and vastus lateralis. These muscles are located in the front of the thigh. The tendons of these four muscles are joined together and then attached to the knee cap. The main function of this muscle group is to straighten or expand the knee. Rectus femoris also functions in hip flexion.

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