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Muteness or mutism (from the Latin mutus, which means “silence”) is defined as the absence of speech while maintaining or retaining the ability to understand the speech of others. Mutism is commonly understood as the inability of a child or adult to speak due to an observed lack of speech from the perspective of others who know them, such as family members, caregivers, teachers or healthcare professionals, including doctors and speakers, and language pathologists. Muteness may not be a permanent condition depending on the aetiology (cause). In general, someone can be dumb for one of several different reasons: organic, psychological, developmental/neurological. In children, lack of speech may be a developmental, neurological, psychological, or physical disability or impaired communication. In adults who previously had speech and then were unable to speak, speech loss may be due to trauma and a condition called aphasia, or surgery that affects parts of the brain required for speech. In adults, speech loss is rarely due to psychological reasons.

Treating or relieving nasal congestion depends on what caused the lack of speech. In the absence of speech, a speech assessment is strongly recommended to determine the cause and treatment. Treatment for lack of speech is possible in different cases. If no speech is defined as a permanent condition, a number of communication auxiliaries and amplification devices are available to support communication.


The organic causes of mutism can come from several different sources. One of the causes of deafness can be problems with the physiognomy associated with speech, for example, with the mouth or tongue. Mutism can be caused by apraxia, which is a problem with the coordination of muscles involved in speech. Another cause may be a medical condition that affects the physical structures associated with speech, such as loss of voice due to trauma, paralysis, or larynx disease. Anarthria is a severe form of dysarthria. Coordination of mouth and tongue movements of conscious coordination of the lungs is impaired.

Neurological disorders due to stroke can cause loss of damage to a speech called aphasia. Neurological damage or developmental problems in an area of the brain involved in speech production, Broca’s area, can cause deafness. Trauma or injury to Broca’s area, located in the lower-left frontal cortex of the brain, can cause deafness. After Muteness, brain surgery may be required. For example, there is a spectrum of possible neurobehavioral disorders in posterior fossa syndrome in children after surgery for a brain tumour.

When children are not speaking, it may be due to psychological problems or emotional stress such as anxiety. Children may not speak due to selective mutism.

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