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MySQL is one of the ways the easiest to use for you. This is an extremely powerful, scalable, and secure than anything else. It is known to be the ideal solution for the database on your websites, due to its small size and speed. It works on many operating systems, which make it accessible from anywhere and anytime.

MySQL Logo

First released in May 23, 1995, MySQL open source software database. It is part of a large and growing family of software with open source software, including Linux, Apache, PHP and Perl programming languages. However, unlike many products with open source software, where the copyright belongs to the individual authors or distributors, MySQL is owned and sponsored by the company’s profits, MySQL AB, which owns the copyright to most of the code. They develop and maintain the system, sell support, service contracts, and proprietary licensed copies of MySQL.


MySQL is a relationship database, which is a set or table of elements arranged in predetermined categories or described tables from which data can be accessed or collected in various ways without reorganizing the database tables. This format is very popular among the more than 100+ million copies of the software downloaded over the life of the MySQL service. The popularity stems from the fact that the database can be easily created and access. Furthermore, they can be easily expanded, a new data category can be added without all existing applications be modified.

When creating a relational database, it can not only extend the data, you can define the field of possible values in a data column and any additional constraints that you want to apply to the value of your data. This makes your information significantly more valuable and user friendly.

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