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Nautical tattoo design is easily one of the most popular styles of star tattoos. Long used as an image for protection and guidance throughout life, Nautical tattoo today is assigned in many different meanings as you wear them. Nautical star tattoos say that one of the earliest images of the tattoo in “modern” times. Designed more than a hundred years ago were the sailors to navigate through the following which is the North Star, also known as Polaris.


Since it seems to be relatively fixed over the North Pole with the other stars moving around it, its fixed position in the sky is the main starting point for navigation. In modern maps, to the north (zero degrees) Compass is marked with a pentagram. While other Marine tattoos, such as anchor and a sparrow finds its inspiration in the different ports, or used to refer to the way and its dangers, the nautical star is much more hopeful symbol to find one’s way.

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