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When the tattoo enthusiasts decided to tattoo hoping to send out a recalcitrant and difficult vibe, they tend to lean towards the skull tattoo design. Skull is always associated with death and courage. Skulls and bones are used in chemical laboratories, to portray and deadly substance in the nearby area. Since this message is usually understood our culture, skull tattoos can also offer values ​​that are more attractive.

In fact, skull tattoos are not always required only looks bleak and frightening. Some recipients of tattoos actually prefer a more animated style to hold an intelligent and innocent feelings. So meaning of tattoo skull may vary depending on how you choose to interpret the design.

As we all should know by now, the skulls are considered negative because it is the ultimate symbol of death. For this reason, during Halloween, this is a common tradition to decorate our house with spooky objects such as skulls and skeletons. In addition, it is believed that the pirates used the image of a skull of the flag lead to fear of other tourists on the sea.


As for death, skull is understood as a sign of triumph. During the important battles in the past, it is common for the king to ask the head of the person they want to see the dead. It’s a way to show solid proof that the enemy dead in the derivation of the superiority and power of the king. Therefore, in the recent events the skull has earned a reputation for being scary. But believe it or not, the skulls are also depicted in a positive light.

In ancient times, the skulls were symbolization of great change, not death or danger. This meaning has been adapted over the years and changed. Now, skulls have important power, protection and strength.

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