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Night City is a city in the Free State of Northern California. It is located on the west coast of the United States in Del Coronado Bay. In 2020, it would have about five million inhabitants across its many boroughs, and, in 2077, it was voted “the worst place to live in America.” It is the central location for the Cyberpunk 2013, 2020, and V 3.0 pen and paper role-playing game series and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 video game.

The democratic Mayorality council of the new city, with corporate-controlled city council. Popular votes are expressed via a data term, using the IdentiCard registration software. The city council consists of a house of representatives chosen from the ten largest companies present in Night City.

Night City’s activity is technical, light industry, international trade, information services, electronic technologies, security services, etc. While cities like Tokyo, New York or Singapore were invaded by companies in the 2000s, Night City is the only city in the world that was built from companies. Some of the largest megacorporations in the world contributed to build the city, and many are located in the Corporate Center.


Night City was the brainchild of businessman Richard Night, who became dissatisfied with his experiences in managing corporate construction projects as part of his Halsey, Ferris, and Night business. This led him to separate and create his own Night International business, with the ultimate goal of creating the ideal city.

Located in Del Coronado Bay, the city was originally known as Coronado City, and Richard Night envisioned it a utopia, in which cities across the country could view it as the gold standard. After the collapse, many megacorps also considered creating such a space, in which crime and poverty did not exist, as well as the laws that hindered their sometimes unethical work. In 1992, the megacorps Arasaka, EBM, and Petrochem had all invested massively in the city of Coronado. Night purchased many rights as well as large swaths of land surrounding Del Coronado Bay in Petrochem to secure the land for the new city.

In 1993, construction of the city was well under way, and the bay had been dredged, and the upper peninsula had been enlarged. The current residents of Del Coronado had been relocated to a new area called Old Downtown, and the central city center, where the companies were based, would be the new downtown area.

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