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The modern word “pastry” comes from the medieval English word “paest,” literally “paste” and describes the way that pastry was commonly used until medieval times. Literally, it was just a paste of flour and water (sometimes with salt), which was used to coat meat and fish to protect the meat from fire. In a paste coating, the meat is steamed to perfection in its own juices, which makes it very tender. Typically made of hard pastry casing was broken open and thrown away, and the meat inside was eaten.

During the Middle Ages, someone may have found that the pastry at the bottom of the meat was fluffy and tasty, and this could lead to experiments on mixing fats with a mixture of flour and water. From this, modern pastries were born.

Indeed, pastry, as we know it today, only works because the fats are in the dough. These fats separate the layers of flour as the pastry cook and dry, making the pastry more tasty and crumbly.


If you then take this basic pastry and add an egg or egg yolk, the pastry will become more resilient, and will also become richer in taste. You can then add spices, herbs, and other flavors to change the taste of the basic pastry.

You can also change the characteristics of the pastry using various fats. Butter tends to give a better taste, and lard gives a better friable texture (so many chefs use half butter, half lard mix). Margarine gives a smoother, less layered texture and a paler overall color, which can be good for fruit pies. You can also make pastry with liquid oils, but they are difficult to handle and must be used immediately.

However, the true secret to making good pastry is to use everything chilled (both the dishes and the ingredients) so that the fats do not melt before baking (this way, you get small pieces of whole fats in the pastry, and this improves the taste and “Crumbly.”

Then treat the dough as little as possible so that the ingredients do not become too warm.

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