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Peacocks is the most beautiful bird. Its feathers consists of colors like crescent sheens of bright blue and green, etc. and gives a brilliant effect when light falls on it which looks very vibrant. Its feathers has been used for decorative purposes. These attractive feathers can be incorporated with fashion accessories, costumes, feather fans, masks. These feathers are also available in dyed, bleached or natural color formats. These colorful feathers when used in decoration of any place, it enhance the elegance of the place.

Some people even believe that these feathers are a symbol of luck, so they keep them in their books, scrap books or any sacred place. Many suppliers provide these items in bulk to counteract management companies and fashion designers.


Peacock feathers make wonderful wedding decorations. They can be combined with wedding flowers with a metallic golden ribbon tied to it will give a nice effect and make a pretty bouquet. Peacock feathers can be used in the decoration of the central figures. In addition, tall feathers look stunning in beautiful vases and storage in the center of the place which gives you an elegant appearance. You can think of decorating the stage with flowers and peacock feathers. In addition to the centrepieces, and even the wedding cake can also be decorated with feathers.

Peacock feather with vivid colors on any invitation card with a blue, green or red satin ribbon gives a stylish look and will surely impress the guests.

In addition to being used as a fashion accessory, ornamental and decorative purposes such beautiful feathers used for cleaning. Dusters are made of peacock and ostrich feathers, these items have a natural oil in them that hold the dust particles in them.

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