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Peacock is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. Their bright and colorful feathers make them a beloved bird in many cultures. The stunning beauty of the peacock feather has captivated people for a long time.

Peacock feathers are easy to collect, because they lose them, of course, every year during the molting season. In different cultures, peacock feathers symbolize different things. Despite the fact that they are often associated with pride, they can also symbolize for good or bad luck.

In popular Greek mythology, the peacock is associated with Hera. Legend has it that the peacock was created by The Argus, a giant who had hundreds of eyes. It is believed that Hera moved the eyes of Argus on the peacock’s tail, so she could keep an eye on the unfaithful husband. Peacock was the sacred bird of the Greek civilization and, therefore, only the priests were allowed to handle with the bird.


In Hinduism, peacocks are associated with Goddess Lakshmi as their feathers, are considered to be such qualities as patience, kindness, happiness and good luck. Peacock is also said to be the birds of Lord Krishna, who wore feathers in their hair.

Since peacocks lose their old feathers and grow new every year, they represent eternal life, rebirth and resurrection in Christianity. In principle, the bird itself is “all-seeing” church, sanctity, and holiness associated with it.

During earlier times, Christians have believed that the blood of the bird had the power to dispel evil spirits. This bird is also one of the animals that appear in the stable in Jesus Christ’s nativity.

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