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The pentacle is a kind of amulet, which is often used for magical purposes. It is usually made of metal or parchment paper and often contain unusual symbols and designs reminiscent of specific thing. The talisman is the pentacle, which is known to have some supernatural or magical powers in it. In ancient times, people believed that the talismans protect them from their troubles and will bring them good luck.

The most famous historical pentacle is the Seal of Solomon. Solomon is historically linked to be one of the greatest magicians who ever lived. He is often revered by Wiccan and Pagan and grimoires and other texts, there are different styles and designs of the pentacle of Solomon. Each of them has been done has been used for various rituals and spells the difference in that he would usually perform.


Although the pentacle and pentagram are similar in spelling, the pentacle represent the “five”, and this magical energy and any design or shape can be considered as the pentagram. If they are drawn with five points, they are often referred to as the hexagram, not the pentagram.

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