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Pisces is the twelfth sign in the zodiac calendar, and represents two fish swimming in the opposite direction. This sign is named after the constellation of Pisces, and is a sign of an introvert. People who were born from 20 February to 20 March are Pisces. They are very sensitive, gentle and passive. They believe in reincarnation and the inner struggle of the soul.

Pisces people not only spiritually but also modest. They really want to help each person needs. Due to their nature, they end up ruining their own lives sometimes. They are emotional and compassionate at the same time.


The ego can never come in between love and personal relationships. Pisces people tend to look for partners who can satisfy them emotional, rather than physical. They are not very dedicated devoted and they fall in love many times. They are gentle lovers, and when they get serious in a relationship, they can do anything to keep it going.

Pisces people love all the creative and sensual. They make very good poets, singers and dancers. The best profession for them are a journalist, philosopher, astrologer, teacher, nun, actor and painter. They may do very well in the field of medical, because they are helpful and very gentle.

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