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telephone booth, telephone kiosk, telephone call box, telephone box, or public call box is a small building equipped with a payphone and created for the convenience of a telephone user. Typically, the user enters the booth and uses the payphone inside while closing the booth door.

Coins are put into a slot on the phone to cover the cost of the call for the booth user. Some telephones require a deposit before placing a call, and if the call is unsuccessful, the coins are refunded (busy, no answer, etc.). Coins are not deposited with other telephone systems until the call has been placed and the caller has heard their party answer. After the coins are deposited, two-way communication may start.

Calls can be paid for using a telephone card, a swipe-card (“Swipe & Call”), or by entering a payment code on the phone’s keypad. Some pay phones have a card reader that enables callers to use a credit card to make a purchase.


Pay phones are becoming less popular as more people use mobile phones, but as more people use computers, new services are emerging. Verizon said in 2003 that they will start providing wireless computer access near its phone booths in Manhattan. As January 2006, Verizon Wireless’ wifi phone booth service was phased down in favor of the more costly EVDO network.

A short-range gadget installed within the booth enables a computer user to connect with remote computer services in this way. A pre-arranged account code that is kept on the caller’s computer is used to pay for use.

Several businesses are now producing simpler booths with incredibly robust pay phones due to an increase in vandalism.

If their phones are lost, stolen, or need to be used for other emergencies, mobile/cellular phone users may still utilize pay phones. These applications might lessen the likelihood that pay phones would completely vanish in the foreseeable future.

On June 1, 2015, the final phone booths in Belgium were decommissioned by Belgacom, a telecom that is mostly controlled by the government.

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