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A lot of people who have recently bought camera are unhappy with the photos that they capture in their camera. One of the most common causes of their discontent proved their own negligence! Take a camera, take it in your hands, put it on auto standby and begin to test how the camera filming. In fully automatic mode is enough to point the camera towards the subject and press the trigger.

Automated done everything else – measuring the luminance adjustment of focus, ISO, assess whether it is necessary to turn on the light, etc. In good lighting conditions if you follow some simple rules when capturing photos will have a guarantee that you will get a good photo for the family album.


The first thing you must do after buying a new camera to read manual instruction of booklet for the model and start reading to experiment with it. Once you discover which button does well what it was and that take your first test image, trying how your camera shoot in different settings, it’s time to read some basic things about photography. Without this basic knowledge of what a focus, speed, aperture, ISO, megapixels and so on. You will not be able to achieve maximum image quality that the camera can achieve. The better is the camera, which you have, the more you have to read the more you experiment.

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