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pin has three types of bodies: a rigid inflexible material shaft meant to be inserted in a slot, groove, or hole (as with pivots, hinges, and jigs); a shaft connected to a head and ending in a sharp tip meant to pierce one or more pieces of soft materials like cloth or paper; and a shaft connected to a head and ending in a sharp tip meant to pierce one or more pieces of soft materials like cloth or paper (the straight or push pin).

A single strip of a stiff but flexible material (e.g., wire) with the length folded into parallel prongs in such a way that the center length of one bends towards the other when anything is put between them.

They function as a clamp (e.g., a bobby pin) or two strips of rigid material tied together by a spring at one end such that, while the spring is held open, one may enter material between the prongs at the other end, which the spring then closes, clamping the inserted material. Pins can be formed of metals (such as steel, copper, or brass), wood, or plastic, depending on their function.


Pins made of bone and thorn have been found at archaeological sites going back to the Paleolithic, as well as Neolithic, Celtic, and Ancient Roman sites. Wooden pins may be found in abundance at Neolithic sites, and they are still widespread in Elizabethan times. Metal pins from the Bronze Age have been discovered in Asia, North Africa, and Europe, including the famous hammer-headed pins from the Kurgan tombs in the Caucasus’ northeast.

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