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The aircraft is a machine used to travel through the atmosphere. There are two types of aircraft: the first type is known to be lighter than air craft, which are supported by their own buoyancy and the ability to swim. The second is known as the heavier aircraft that require the use of a certain type of motor to propel them through the air.

In flight, the airplane is subject to three main types of movements that, in extreme cases, can lead to a crash: pitch, yaw and roll.

1. Pitch occurs when the nose of the aircraft suddenly moves up or down. A horizontal stabilizer on the rear fuselage helps prevent engagement.


2. Yaw occurs when the wing suddenly move forward, the other moves back. Yaw prevents partly through the vertical tail on the back of the plane.

3. Roll occurs abruptly when the wing moves up, the other goes down. Roll partly prevented by the presence of the outer edges of the wings tipped up.

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