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Pokemon are different from other creatures, in which many of them may spontaneously mutate and acquire new powers. In the Pokemon language, this is called “evolve”, but we look to the paleontology know that evolution is only through the thousands or millions of years. Nevertheless, animals are changed they grow older, as well as in the insect world is a phenomenon of metamorphosis, which is really what Pokemon do they metamorphose.

Of course, Pokemon creatures draw many of their features from the animals here on earth, and some of the myth. The true sign of Pokemon is its ability to fight in the Arena, some special powers it has and how effective against specific opponents.


Pokemon started out not so many years ago as a video game ported to the Game Boy. It became very popular very quickly and Nintendo quickly saw great opportunities in merchandising additional revenue. Today it is a large global industry whose spinoffs overshadow the leading video game (which still leads the creative concept of product range, however), and includes a series of animations and movies that have been translated into dozens of languages, the Pokemon manga (comic books), A very popular card game Pokemon, and countless Pokemon stuffed toys.

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