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Princess Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty or Briar Rose, is a fictional character that appears in Walt Disney’s 16th cartoon Sleeping Beauty (1959). Originally voiced by singer Mary Costa, Aurora is the only child of King Stefan and Queen Leah.

An evil fairy named Maleficent seeks revenge for not being invited to the baptism of Aurora, and curses the newborn princess, predicting that she will die before sunset on her sixteenth birthday, tapping her finger on the spindle of the spinning wheel. Determined to prevent this, the three good fairies raise Aurora as a peasant to defend her, patiently awaiting her sixteenth birthday, a day when the spell can only be destroyed by the kiss of her true love, Prince Phillip.

  • Film: Sleeping Beauty
  • Prince: Prince Phillip
  • Friends: Prince Phillip, Knotgrass, Fauna, Merryweather, Samson
  • Foes: Maleficent, Diablo
  • Parents: Stefan, Queen Leah
  • Palace pets: Fern, Beauty, Nuzzles, Bloom

Aurora is based on the princess from Charles Perrault’s fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”, as well as the heroine who appears in the Brothers Grimm’s retelling of the story, “The Little Rose of Rose Hips”. For several years, Walt Disney struggled to find a suitable actress to play a princess and an almost abandoned film, while Costa was discovered by composer Walter Schumann. However, Costa’s southern accent nearly cost her a role until she proved she could maintain a British accent throughout the film.


To match the unprecedentedly detailed background of the film, the complex design of Aurora requires more effort than ever before for an animated character, and animators draw inspiration in the modern style. Aurora’s slim physique, inspired by Marc Davis, is inspired by actress Audrey Hepburn. With just 18 lines of dialogue and the same number of minutes on the screen, the character speaks less than any talking character in a Disney full-length animated film.

When Sleeping Beauty was first released in 1959, the film became a critical and commercial failure, preventing the studio from adapting fairy tales to animated films for three decades. Aurora herself received negative reviews from movie critics and feminists for her passivity and resemblance to Snow White, and will remain the last Disney princess until 30-year-old The Little Mermaid’s Ariel made her debut 30 years later in 1989.

However, Costa’s vocal performance was highly acclaimed, which inspired her career as an opera singer with great success. Chronologically, Aurora is the third Disney princess. Actress Elle Fanning presents a live version of Aurora in the film Maleficent (2014), a retelling of the 1959 animated film Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the title character.

Fanning is back to portray 21-year-old Princess Aurora in the film Maleficent: Lady of Evil (2019), which takes place five years later.

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