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Most websites now contain a link to the privacy policy, a written statement that describes how the website collects and uses personal information about its visitors. The inclusion of such a policy is often mandated by law or by interested third parties, such as advertisers.

For example, the state of California requires that you display a privacy policy on your site if you collect personal information about California residents. Also, Google requires participants in its AdSense ad network to include information about the privacy of any site that displays AdSense ads. If you still do not have a privacy policy on your website, this is something that will add to it soon enough. Let’s look at some of the basics.

The privacy policy is aimed at informing visitors on the site that personal information collected about their users and what they do with that information. For this reason, the policy should be easily accessible to new users of the site – a link in the header of the home page is often the best choice. In addition, it is advisable to link it in the “about” page section of the site. Some sites have a separate page for the policy and include it as a section within other pages, such as general terms of use.


You may think that you do not need such a policy, but not so. Each web server collects basic information about its users, even if the site owner does nothing with it. This information includes the visitor’s IP address (which can determine the general location of the visitor in many cases, thanks to the reverse database for IP lookup), the language preferences of visitors, which browser you use and various other types of data. Web servers usually use “cookies” or other tags to track the use of the site visitor, whether directly or using third-party services such as Google Analytics. A good privacy policy describes the collection of this routine information, even if it can not be attributed directly to a specific user.

After describing what information is collected, the privacy policy should describe what it does with this information. Many websites do nothing with the personal information, except for aggregating routine data on web servers for things like traffic analysis and website optimization.

If you haven’t read our site privacy policy, you can read it here.

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