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Rakuten or Viber Viber is a freeware voice over IP (VoIP) and instant messaging (IM) software program developed by Rakuten, a Japanese multinational corporation. It is available for Android, iOS, Microsoft WindowsmacOS, and Linux. Users are recognized and registered using their cell phone numbers, however the service is also available on desktop platforms without mobile connectivity. Viber Out, a premium international landline and mobile calling service, allowing users to share media such as photos and video records in addition to instant chatting. The network has over a billion registered users as of 2018.

The software was created in 2010 by Viber Media, a company located in Cyprus acquired by Rakuten in 2014. Rakuten Viber has been the company’s name since 2017. Its headquarters are in Luxembourg. London, Manila, Moscow, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore, and Tokyo are Viber’s offices.

Viber was created in 2010 to address the issue of long-distance dating. Talmon Marco’s fiancée was stationed in Hong Kong at the time, while he was living in New York City. Living apart yet chatting constantly resulted in exorbitant phone costs. Marco sought help from his buddy Igor Magazinnik to solve the problem.


Marco and Magazinnik, buddies from the Israel Defense Forces where they served as chief information officers, launched Viber Media in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2010. Marco and Magazinnik are also co-founders of iMesh, a peer-to-peer file-sharing and media client. The firm was based in Israel, but majority of its development was outsourced to Belarus to save money on labor. It was established in Cyprus. Sani Maroli and Ofer Smocha joined the firm shortly after. Viber, unlike Skype, which is based around a “buddy list” and requires registration and a password, provides immediate calling and syncing with contacts since the ID is the user’s mobile phone number.

Viber did not produce any money in its first two years of operation. User payments for Viber Out phone calls and the Viber graphical messaging “sticker store” debuted in 2013. Individual investors, Marco describes as “friends and family,” first supported the firm. They put $20 million into the firm, which at the time had 120 workers.

The Syrian Electronic Army defaced Viber’s support system on July 24, 2013. Viber claims that no sensitive user data was accessed.

Rakuten announced the acquisition of Viber Media for $900 million on February 13, 2014. The Shabtai family (Benny, his brother Gilad, and Gilad’s son Ofer) received $500 million from the sale of their 55.2 percent interest in Viber. The founders each received a 30 times return on their investment at that sale price.

Djamel Agaoua took over as CEO of Viber Media in February 2017, after co-founder Marco departed in 2015.

Viber Media’s company name was changed to Rakuten Viber in July 2017, and a new wordmark logo was unveiled. Viber Media, S.à r.l., established in Luxembourg, is the company’s legal name.

Since Rakuten partnered with F.C. Barcelona in 2017, Viber has been the official “communication channel” of the football club.

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