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The CPU is a computer’s brain, comprising all the hardware required to process input, store data, and generate output.

The CPU always follows computer program instructions that tell it which data to process and how to process it. We couldn’t execute applications on a computer without a CPU.

A basic calculator application, for example, may tell the CPU to add two integers, 2 and 2, and return the result.

The CPU can simply perform such instructions thanks to a control unit that understands how to read program instructions and an Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) that understands how to add numbers. The CPU can process more complicated programs than a basic calculator when the control unit and ALU are combined.


A CPU is an integrated circuit, often known as a chip, at the hardware level. Millions or billions of microscopic electrical bits are “integrated” into integrated circuits, then organized into circuits and packed into a small box.

Some layers are actual objects, like chip and transistors, while others are abstractions, such as logic circuits and gates.

Amazingly, we can combine relatively basic components like logic gates to construct CPUs that power sophisticated gadgets like phones, computers, and even self-driving cars.

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