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Purple is a color that has a tint that is between between red and blue. Violet is a color with a lot of blue in it, and it’s popular in the UK.

Purple has traditionally been linked with royalty, owing to the high cost of Tyrian purple dye (produced from crushed shells) in antiquity. Purple was the color of Roman magistrates, and it eventually became the imperial color of the Byzantine and Holy Roman empires and Roman Catholic bishops. Similarly, the hue has long been linked with the monarch and nobility in Japan.

According to recent polls in Europe and the United States, purple is the hue most commonly associated with rarity, monarchy, enchantment, mystery, and piety. It is linked with sensuality, femininity, and seduction when paired with pink.

Violet is a color that is strongly connected with purple. Both terms relate to hues that are somewhere between red and blue in hue, although depending on the writers’ and speakers’ cultural and geographical backgrounds, purples may or may not be put closer to red and violets closer to blue.

Similarly, purple and violet are situated between red and blue on the conventional painters’ color wheel, with purple being closer to red than violet. Many native English speakers in the United Kingdom refer to the blue-dominated spectral hue beyond blue as violet, whereas many speakers in the United States refer to it as purple.

The term violet is used in certain publications to refer to any hue between red and blue. However, official texts from the United Kingdom use the word purple to describe the same range of hues.


The ambiguity regarding the meanings of the color names violet and purple becomes much more when languages other than English and epochs other than the present time are considered.

This CIE chromatic diagram highlights the purple line that runs from the violet corner near the left to the red corner near the right.

Violet is frequently referred to as a spectral hue in optics texts. It can thus refer to the hue of any single wavelength of light on the visible spectrum’s short wavelength end, between around 380 and 450 nanometers. Purple is the color of different combinations of red, blue, and violet light to some native English speakers; violet is the same spectrum of colors to native English speakers.

The human eye’s L (red) cone is most sensitive to long wavelength light in the yellow-red part of the spectrum, but it is also sensitive to the shorter wavelength violet light that stimulates the S (blue) cone. As a result, when violet light reaches the eye, the S-cone is substantially activated whereas the L-cone is very moderately stimulated.

As a result, a combination of intense blue and lesser red light can replicate this stimulation pattern, allowing humans to see violet-like hues with reduced saturation. This phenomena is used in computer and television screens. They can’t create violet light since they utilize the RGB color paradigm, so they have to settle for purple (a mixture of red and blue light).

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