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Raven is the largest bird crow which is twice heavier than a conventional crow to 1.3 kg (3 pounds) to 60 cm (two feet) in length, with a wingspan of approximately 1 meter (3 ft 3).

How long can Raven live?

Ravens can live longer than 17 years in the wild and up to 40 years in captivity.

What do Ravens eat?

Ravens are omnivorous. They will eat anything that is edible (and a lot of things that are not). Normal diet includes insects, seeds, fruits, carrion, eggs and young of other birds, and occasionally small mammals.

Ravens can be taught to speak?


In captivity, the ravens can learn to speak better than some parrots. They also mimic other sounds, such as automobile engines, toilets flushing and animals and bird-calls. Ravens are known to mimic the wolves or foxes, to bring them to the bodies, which Ravens is not able to breaking open.

What is a group of Raven is called?

The group of crows is called a “unkindness” or “conspiracy”, which seems appropriate as the crow traditionally considered creepy.

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