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Just below the surface, under the topsoil, lies a world of darkness and life. This is where a seedling begins its journey to find life and develop to its full potential. Leaving its outer shell, which has protected and covered life’s delicate content, the seedling touches the fertile soil that envelops it. Drawing nutrients and much-needed water from the soil, growth begins, pushing in many different directions in search of a constant supply of food.

Soon, the food brought by the soil and the water found in the depths of the dark earth is no longer enough to satisfy this seedling. It begins to rise upwards to nourishment themselves, which will bring inner strength and color to its world. Growing slowly and carefully, the sprout approaches the earth’s surface, continuing to tap into the fertile soil to strengthen. This small existence, sometimes fragile, quickly crosses a few grains of dirt, pushing, hopefully, towards a ray of light that shines in the dark along its path.


Strength and hope are found when the seedling growth heads for the warm ray of light. The entire shoot has gradually entered the earth and is completely engulfed in the bright warm light of life. The germ develops into a reliable and robust stem that supports the branches and the leaves. The leaves absorb sunlight, convert it into food, direct water from the sky along the stem to the thirsty roots below. Firmly anchored in the earth, this plant grows in strength and stature. Time provides steady growth, and mere existence thickens the stem into a trunk of great power and magnitude.

Earthbound and heavenly bound, the seedling has become a mighty tree connecting two worlds working in unison and expending the beautiful energy of life to all who come in its presence. To the earthly needs on which it depends, it provides shelter, food, protection and strength.

For the silent observer, this magnificent seedling continues to reach the heavens for its grandeur; for it is in heaven that we find the inner growth, hope and peace necessary to complete our lives. In the storms of the earth plane, it bends but does not weaken; in calm, it gives strength; and in a constantly changing world, the tree reminds us to never give up on our quest for everlasting life.

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