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Sound recording and reproduction are electrical, mechanical, electronic, or digital subtitles and the reproduction of sound waves such as voice, singing, instrumental music, or sound effects. The two main classes of audio technology are analog recording and digital recording.

Acoustic analog recording is achieved using a microphone diaphragm, which senses atmospheric pressure changes caused by acoustic sound waves and records them as a mechanical representation of sound waves on the medium, such as sound recording (in which the stylus cuts grooves on a record). Magnetic tape recording, sound waves vibrate the diaphragm of the microphone. They are converted into alternating current, which is then converted into a changing magnetic field using an electromagnet, which creates a sound representation when magnetized area on a magnetic coated plastic tape. Reproduction of analog sound is the opposite process, with a larger diaphragm of the speaker, causing changes in atmospheric pressure to create sound waves.


Digital recording and playback convert the analog audio signal received from the microphone into digital form during sampling. This allows you to store and transfer audio data from a broader range of media. A digital recording stores sound in the way of a sequence of binary numbers (zeros, etc.) representing samples of the amplitude of sound at regular intervals, and the sampling frequency is high enough to transmit all the sounds that can be heard. The digital audio signal must be converted to analog form during playback before it is amplified and connected to the speaker for sound reproduction.

Before the development of sound recordings, mechanical systems existed, such as boxes for winding music and later pianists, for coding and reproducing instrumental music.

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