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Red Faction is a series of shooter video games published by Koch Media and developed by Volition. The Red Faction series began in 2001 and has now covered Microsoft WindowsmacOS, and platforms such as the PlayStation 2, GameCube, XboxPlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The show is noted for having a dark subject with revolutionary overtones.

There have been three distinct gameplay types in the franchise. The first is a classic first-person shooter feature included in the series’ first two games, while the second is a third-person style of open world gameplay found in Red Faction: Guerrilla and a third-person style of corridor shooter found in Red Faction: Armageddon. The series’ distinctive environmental devastation characteristics are shared by both types. This was further expanded in Red Faction: Guerrilla when it was extended to every building in the game, rendering the whole area (save the landscape) destructible.

The first two games were standard first-person shooters with unique environmental devastation capabilities that received positive reviews in both. Vehicles, handguns, rifles, explosives, and other conventional shooter weaponry and features are included in the games. While the first two games did not reinvent the first-person shooter genre, its Geo-Mod Engine and rebellious tale set them apart.


Rather unlike the first two games’ standard first-person shooter gameplay, Guerrilla and Armageddon use a third-person perspective. Guerrilla takes set on the planet Mars in an open world environment that allows players to freely travel around. Armageddon is a more linear experience, with much of the action taking place in tunnels and caves. All environments in the games are totally destructible, which means that any building in the game may be demolished. Players are often armed with four weapons, the primary of which being a sledgehammer, as well as three more weapons of their choice. Using the exception of the remote charges and assault rifle, which are both handed to the player by default at the start of the game, these weapons are mostly acquired with salvage, the game’s major money. An Arc Rifle, Grinder, Rocket Launcher, Proximity Mines, and a Nano Rifle, the latter of which is useful for distant demolitions, are among the weaponry available for purchase. Players complete missions for the Red Faction and carry out guerilla activities to free various parts of Mars from the Earth Defense Force’s authority.

Geo-Mod, short for “Geometry Modification” technology, is featured in some form in every game in the series. The Geo-Mod engine allows the player to use numerous explosive weapons to destroy pieces of the walls, floors, and other components of the levels in a non-predefined manner. The engine for Red Faction: Guerrilla, which is currently based on the Saints Row engine, was originally dubbed RED, short for Realtime Environment Demolition, but was eventually renamed Geo-Mod 2.0, allowing for free-form destruction of buildings and other structures. Within Red Faction: Armageddon, Geo-Mod was upgraded to version 2.5. Despite Volition’s best efforts, Geo-Mod was not included in the final version of Saints Row: The Third.

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