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Have you ever wondered about the rules and their effect on our lives? If there are no rules, our life will become chaotic and unpredictable. We would feel insecure, and it would be difficult for us to organize. Rules & regulations keep us in check, tell us how to behave and react in different conditions with different people and generally keep us in check.

Now think about the country/city/town you live in and focus on the established rules (it doesn’t matter where you live, as each place has its own rules. Another question is whether they are followed or not). Now let’s imagine a place without rules; what will be the consequences? First, the crime rate will rise, a political, economic, social collapse, which will lead to more serious situations. The point here is to consider the importance and essential need for rules to guide our life.

In the same way, rules play a vital role in our family life. Each family, without even realizing it, unconsciously and unconsciously has its own rules.

Some have the rule to take off their shoes at home, others have the rule to thank and pray to each other, and some have the rule to eat together a day. These are just a few of the ones we mentioned at random, but you need to think about the rules in your family or for yourself if you live alone.


For the functioning of the family, rules play an equal role. If you have rules for your family, they will guide you and your children as they are based on a sense of responsibility. Family rules provide a clear understanding of what is acceptable and what is not.

It is always important to remember who the adult in the family is, and the adult is the one who has to keep everything under control. Many families struggle with their child/children because they are losing control. They allow their child/children to deal with situations and will enable them to name pictures. When the parents get upset, the children survive the situation entirely, continuing to earn.

If you don’t have family rules, it’s best to start with a few so that you can deal with them. If you try to change your family overnight and introduce a dozen rules, they are unlikely to work.

But if you already have certain rules, focus on what you would like your family to do; for example, if your child does not eat at the table, then make a rule for this activity.

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