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An airport is a place specially built for airplanes and other aircraft for landing or to take off. It can be on land or water, or even buildings. Usually, it believes that this is certainly a piece of land with runways and with special equipment to support airplane landing or take-off and for servicing them. The modern airport came into being around 1935. This is a necessity and convenience since a large plane must land on the runways of strong concrete and as a central place for passengers to start their journey, just as a railway station does. There are military airports, large and small commercial airports and small private airports. These are all the same which is known as an airport.


The smaller ones do have less equipment, sometimes nothing more than a level grass field. The first thing airport need is a strong runway. Most modern airplanes are too heavy to land in grass fields, as their wheels will sink into the ground and make passengers upset.

The width is usually about 200 feet, although the military field is about 300 feet wide, so planes with one engine can land on both sides. Thus, a group of planes can land or fly up faster. These planes do not need a long runway, but they were built in this way to ensure safety.

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