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Santa’s sleigh is Santa’s most important piece of equipment. On Christmas Eve, Santa’s elves help to load sleighs with gifts for every boy and girl in the world (those who celebrate Christmas), making sure they have the right delivery order. They collect twelve magic Santa Claus reindeer to pull sleds so Santa can ride in the sky on Christmas Eve. A sleigh led by a reindeer Rudolph, who has a bright red nose that illuminates their path.

Santa’s sleigh is 6′(1.83 m) high with a total length of 28’8” (8.75 m).

Children are often afraid of Santa for a number of reasons, such as his appearance, noisy surroundings and the expectation to behave well. Fear of Santa Claus can also be associated with fear of clowns, as they both have a fixed expression that is perceived as unreliable. Meeting Santa Claus is fascinating, as it symbolizes hope and the celebration of Christmas. As soon as children over 4 years old, they usually overcome their fear.


The festive characters known today were created decades ago by various stories and legends, but were transformed into their current versions thanks to advertising and popular culture. For example, Santa Claus, also known as Kris Kringle, Sinterklaas or Father Christmas, has existed for centuries depending on where you live. The modern appearance and behavior of this holiday character is formed through advertising.

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