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There are so many types of satellite in this universe that made by human-beings. Although Sputnik 1 was the first artificial Earth satellite.

Satellite TV

Talking about the satellite TV, it was introduced in early 1990. At first there was little market for the product for residential use. The main use at first came for restaurants, hotels and bars. Satellite TV will allow these establishments to ensure better planning of their guests.

How Satellite TV Works?

Satellite TV works by sending television signals via satellites to satellite dishes placed at your home. The original satellite dishes are large and heavy and often occupies a space up to ten feet in diameter. The old satellite dishes are not as good as those today. They often require readjustment to get the best signal.

Modern Satellite


Modern satellite dishes are small and compact. They are made to fit on the roof or on the side of the house. The signal strength is much stronger today than ever. You no longer need to keep the adjustment of the satellite antenna to get the best signal. This is a huge step forward in comparison with the first dishes.

Satellite Signal

Satellite signal sent from the satellite provider. From there, the signal is relayed to and picked up by your dish. TV requires special receiver to collect the signals and convert them into picture. The receiver is located in the TV.

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