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Green living makes us lead a healthy lifestyle. This saves money as well as the environment. It is very important to live green to save Earth from global warming. It is our duty to preserve our land, and it is in our hands to save the earth. But we do not know what ideas are for the green living. There are several ideas that you must follow to live green.

The basic ideas for living green to reduce dust, that we can throw away from our home. Currently, many companies have also taken many steps to reduce their packages. It’s a good idea that you have to follow to live green. Another idea that should follow is the reuse of strong containers and products. This is a good way to use these products. If you do not have such products, at least we should give to other people who need it. Recycling is also one of the best ideas for living green and to save our Mother Earth.

Other basic ideas of saving Earth are:

1. First of all, loving the planet is one of the main ideas for a green life. Using organic products and cosmetics is also the main idea to bring green living. Use dairy products with no hormones and try to buy these foods in glass bottles. Since they are reusable.


2. Try to grow plants or trees that provide more oxygen. Avoid plastic covers, because they can not be reused. And it took 1000 years to dissolve into the Earth.

3. Saving water is one of the simplest ways to save Earth. This is a very important resource because we can not live without it. Saving water also saves money. Usually, we lose so much water in many ways. Try to reduce the water level, which makes life green. Simple ways to save water is to use low flowing showers to use less water when washing clothes or dishes, see if there are no leaks in the faucets and use sprinklers for land.

5. Another way of life is green eating local food. The farmers market is the best to get local food. This provides not only energy but also saves money. The food comes from the farmers’ market processed manually, not by fuel. And try to grow vegetables and leafy vegetables at home. Because farmers may use pesticides, but we never use them in our home. We use water to grow plants, which are one of the green materials.

It is our duty to live green and make the globe green.

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