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Today, rising prices are draining family budgets. The price of energy is soaring, and everything from warming your home to work takes away your hard-earned money. Although little can be done about increasing the cost of energy, there are several ways to save energy and save money at the same time. Below are some of the great tips you can use to save energy in your home:

1. One way to save energy is to reduce the amount of fuel you consume. Think about the fuel efficiency when buying a new car. Stay away from the SUVs and think about buying a car using less fuel.

2. You can also save energy when washing clothes if you wash clothes in cold water using detergents and hang them outside to let them dry. Most of the energy used to laundry is to heat the water and dry the clothes, so with these two steps, you will save a lot of energy and money.


3. Think about changing the way you cook. If you use a microwave and a crock-pot to make a lot of food, you will save a lot of energy. These devices consume much less energy than the stove and oven.

4. You may have heard that you can save energy by turning up the air conditioner in the summer and heat down in the winter. This is a good way to save energy since you can reduce the energy consumption for heating and cool to 20%. It is also a good idea to keep your shades down in the summer to keep your house cool, and at night turn off the air conditioner and open the windows.

5. Measure your house to save energy. Seal your house with weather stripping and caulk, of course, you do not want to overlook adding more insulation. A house that is weatherized will use much less energy and save you money.

There is no way to control energy costs, but you have some control over how much money you spend on energy. All you need to do is take control and save energy.

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