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The school is an educational institution designed to provide the learning environment and training facilities for students under the guidance of teachers. To prepare students for a change, schools should also contribute to the interpretation of thinking and develop skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, cooperation, and creativity.

School is very important because it teaches you the basics that you need to know about the future, and so you can get a good job for money. School provides the basis for day-to-day skills that are more specific to primary education. Preparing for the right education means the right job or career, and everyday life at school provides stability and friendship which should be a happy experience.


Studies show that well-educated societies have a lower level of violence and crime, and societies that emphasize accessibility and effective education see their economies also improving. As the world moves towards automation and requires more highly skilled workers, education will be at the forefront to ensure the readiness of the workforce and the ability to cope with emerging problems.

The knowledge learned in school plays an important role in daily lives of people. Knowledge about history improves understanding of culture, and basic mathematical skills help people maintain their finances in order. English courses teach students how to read, understand and analyze written materials, which are a key skill for almost all modern jobs. The school is also important for the development of important social skills.

Communication skills are important for succeeding in a variety of areas while working with others improves the social skills of students. Humans are social animals, and schools provide a way to ensure that young people have a stimulating environment that would lead to more empathy, understanding, and social growth.

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