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Forensic scientists work in laboratories, morgues, police stations, hospitals, and universities. Contrary to popular belief, only a few works on crime scenes. These specialists have a large piece of work with a wide range of applications. Some of these scientists are working in the field of fingerprints, which is a study of fingerprints. These scientists are responsible for the collection and identification of fingerprints from the crime scene.

Forensic scientists also work with DNA testing and identification. Having found evidence on the stage, since pieces of hair or nails, they have successfully tracked people who are associated with crime. Also, physically, they can specialize in Odontology and Optometry, respectively, in research on dental and vision.

Forensic scientists are also responsible for investigating electronic issues. Digital Forensic Scientists work to produce and restore important messages and documents using electronic media. Similarly, Computational Forensics is the study of computer programs and applications that can be linked to crime and information.

Forensic Accounting is a special area for some of these Scientists, which includes the study of accounting documents related to crimes.


Plants, flowers, and trees also require a special form of forensic scientists; Experts responsible for this area, working in the field of botanical forensics. The field also extends into outer space.

Forensic Astronomy is an area in which some experts study the past, present and future Constellation models and other issues related to the outer galaxy; information is provided and used when necessary for criminal cases.

Forensics includes earth’s surfaces; Forensic Geology and Limnology are connected in this aspect. Forensic scientists specializing in minerals and evidence in soil and terrestrial substances work in forensic geology.

The demand for these professionals continues to grow, providing a reasonable and exciting career opportunity with attractive salaries.

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