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We use scissor normally for our daily work such as cutting groceries food packets, milk packets, cutting papers, fabrics, wires, etc. Scissors is a cutting tool, consisting of a pair of metal blades, connected which can be placed between thumb and other finger to cut food and other objects. Scissor word used to describe large tools of the same type. Typically, the scissors blades are at least 6 inches (15 cm) in length and typically have a handle with a finger hole of the same size. Scissors have blades longer than 6 inches (15 cm) and often have a small handle with a hole that fits your thumb and large handle with a hole that will fit two or more fingers.


Scissors and shears exist in many different forms, depending on the intended purpose. Kids scissors used only on cutting paper, which have a blunt blade for safety. Scissors are also used to cut hair or fabric. Most large scissors used for cutting metal or trim bushes and should have a very strong blade.

Specialized scissors include sewing scissors, which often have one sharp point and one blunt point for intricate cutting cloth and nail scissors, blades are for cutting fingernails and toenails. Specific types of scissors include pinking shears, which toothed blades that cut the fabric to give it a wavy edge thinning scissors and which have teeth, thin hair, but does not cut.

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