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The scroll is a roll of papyrus, parchment or paper, which was written, drawn or painted for decorative purposes or retention or transmitting information. It differs from the roll are intended for reuse, not continuously, but once-only use of the roll.

While the scroll is a paper roll, papyrus or parchment, a codex is a book made of bound sheets tied; in the Code, may go directly to a specific page. Although the book was not popular until the fourth century, it was gradually replaced by the Code. It is known that Christians papyrus preserved in the form of the Code at the time of the beginning of the second century.

Since the scroll is an ancient method of publication, it is still used to show the historicity.


Scroll usually divided into pages, which are sometimes separate sheets of papyrus or parchment glued around the edges, or may be applied to a continuing series of writing material unit. The scroll is generally designed so that the page is displayed at a time, writing or reading, and the remaining pages rolled left and right of the visible page. It develops from side to side, and the text is written in rows from top to bottom. Characters can be written from left to right, right to left, or alternating directions.

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