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SD or Secure Digital Memory is one of many types of flash memory; technology was first introduced in 1999 and quickly proved to be a widely accepted standard for memory cards, especially in the field of portable devices, including many digital cameras.

Secure digital memory is what is called non-volatile, which in fact means that it is a type of memory device that you do not need to store or connect to a power source to maintain its data.

Despite the fact that they are available in the sizes of the most reliable 512 KB digital memory, these days can store from 2 to 512 gigabytes of data, which makes them very flexible media. And since they are developed by a group of companies known as the Association, they are the standard that has several easily visible functions.

Secure digital memory have approximately the size of a postage stamp and have a distinctive and asymmetric design that ensures that the card is correctly inserted into your device. They are also one of the few cards that have a locking device feature that prevents accidental erasure of stored data.


As more and more devices are developed using secure digital memory, and these devices require smaller and more compact media, several versions of the original environment have been developed, including MiniSD and microSD, which have become popular among mobile phones and other compact devices.

MiniSD and microSD usually come with adapters that allow them to be used in a standard memory-based interface, and as a proprietary interface.

By adding a secure memory card reader, you can read the information stored on your computer or laptop, without having to use the original device. This means that data can easily be transferred from one computer to another without the need to install drivers and can often transmit data faster than sending to the source device.

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