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Hermit crabs are an interesting creature and are one of the most unusual animals (crustaceans), since they are born with an exoskeleton and soft abdomen, and not an outer shell to protect against predators. This can be a huge problem when you are born in the wild, and need to find shelter as soon as possible before becoming dinner.

In the wild, these little guys immediately look for shells to occupy them as a new home, and in particular they are looking for discarded shells of mollusks. These new hermit crab shells act as their protective mechanism or armor.

In the wild, these crabs have different behavioral patterns when choosing their shells, a frequency that changes their shells, and sometimes in the process of fighting other hermit crabs for their prized shells.


Shell preferences can vary depending on the species of hermit crab, where some crabs often change their shells, while others keep their shells for a longer period of time. Other hermit crabs retain their shells when they are old, worn or too small for their needs. Their exoskeleton protects their legs and claws, and they shed this exoskeleton in a process known as molting.

To help emulate the natural environment for your crabs, it is best to have a larger selection of hermit crab shells in your cage. These crabs often fight with each other to steal shells if you do not have enough shells to choose from.

These days you can find more shells at a local pet store than you can bring home, and there is even more choice if you shop online. The only problem is to make sure that you select the right shells for your hermit crabs.

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